Research and Science
  • Improvement of rural buildings.
  • Transport of suspended bed load and sediment in mountain rivers and streams,
  • Silting of small water reservoirs.
  • The effect of use and management of small catchments on surface water quality.
  • Hydrochemical conditionings of small retention reservoir localization.
  • Improvement of anti-erosion development of agricultural field expanse.
  • Studies on spatial and time diversification of meteorological conditions.
  • Reclamation and management of ecologically devastated areas.
  • Peat-bog protection.
  • Rational water supply and sewage management in rural areas.
  • Assessment of efficient performance of rural water and sewage systems.
  • Operational efficiency of various types of rural sewage treatment plants.
  • Soil and plant contamination with heavy metals.
  • Utilisation and minimisation of wastes.
  • Water and sewage management in agri-food industries.
  • The use of mineral grounds for earth structures.
  • Application of industrial wastes in earth structures.
  • Modernising technologies of land survey.
  • Application of photogrammetry and remote sensing for proper management of agricultural areas.
  • Data visualisation for site planning.
  • Algebraic properties of operators in Hilbert spaces.
  • Application of mathematical models in engineering sciences.


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